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Welcome to javier_bardem! This is the first LJ community dedicated soley to the Spanish actor Javier Bardem, his films, and all related matters. This community is happy to host all Javier related topics including fanfiction, fanart, graphics & icons, screencaps, stories, "I love Javier because...", reviews of his movies, etc. This community offers open posting to all members, so feel free to join in any time.


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  • LJ-cuts are required for all entries containing lengthy articles/interviews, large pictures (more than 360 × 480), many icons (more than 3), and spoilers for any of Javier's movies (old or new). All Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material must be under a cut without exception. (Don't know how to do an LJ-cut? Find out right here!)

  • Hot linking to illegal copies of movies will not be tolerated.

about javier

Name: Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem

Born: March 1, 1969 (He's 39.)

From: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

Relatives: Grandfather, Rafael Bardem; Uncle, Juan Antonio Bardem; Mother, Pilar Bardem; Brother, Carlos Bardem; Sister, Mónica Bardem.

Biography: Possessing a chameleon-like ability to disappear into his characters, which frequently renders him unrecognizable save for his piercing eyes, it's no wonder that Javier Bardem chose to pursue a career as an actor given his family's long history in show business. Always hesitant to play the same type of character twice, the very foundation of Bardem's career is his remarkable ability to so immerse himself in character that audiences never even see the actor. Each role is a transformation that occurs both mentally and physically, and Bardem's hesitance to embrace celebrity culture and make a conscious effort to break into the American market has only served to make him more alluring to stateside filmmakers. (Read more...)


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